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"KING OF THE KORNER" - 2000 - Movie Masters/Kasander Film Co. - Amsterdam/L.A.
"CRUSHPROOF" - 1998 - Movie Masters - Amsterdam/Dublin
"ROADKILL" - 1993 - HKM/AM-PM - Los Angeles


"MAYFLY" - A contemporary horror/sci-fi/love story set in narcissistic southern California, a culture remarkable for its obsession with body-image and  youth marketing.  REBECCA is born to surfer parents in Malibu, and experiences birth, love, despair, redemption, and dies of old age, all in one day.

"THE CHILDREN'S GUIDE TO ASTRAL PROJECTION" - A best-selling metaphysical children's book teaches its young readers about the astral plane, unleashing the wrath of a cadre of immortal adepts who have trapped the world in a tragic prison of false belief systems. Watch sparks fly as a boy, his mom, the book's author, and a magic flying turtle take down the Illuminati!

"MOUCHE SUPER" - Glamorous North African emigre, MOUCHE, who runs the biggest, most exclusive modeling/pimping agency in Paris, runs afoul of a cadre of right-wing French nationalist politicians and their cronies.  Action, adventure, and fashion ensue.

"DEADBEATS" - The true story of the Lucien Carr & David Kamerer murder in New York City in the late 1950s, which forced William Burroughs and his wife Joan Vollmer to escape to Mexico City.

"SLAPPER" -  A tale of a tragic, but passionate love affair between an fetching Irish lass and a michevious ghost.

"UNCLE THEO" - A corrupt young advertising exec finds himself trapped on a remote Greek island with his mad monk uncle, who's bent on transforming him into a creature with a soul.

"SPEED FACTORY" - A disillusioned ex-Hare Krishna devotee finds enlightenment working in an underground methamphetamine lab.

"MISTRESS MARY OF KILDARE" - The adventures of a young single mother/dominatrix and her son in rural County Kildare, Ireland.

"ASTRAL DICK" -  A “whodunit” involving a police psychic, Cap’n, and his “paranormal guinea pig,” Lieutenant Leo Fleck. Together they investigate a string of brutal killings centered around the temple of a rogue religious cult and an artsy-fartsy, open-mic poetry café.

"LES SPLENDIDES" - The true story of a failed U.S.-led coup d’etat in Haiti in the 50’s, led by maverick Miami-Dade Sheriff officers.

"MARLOWE" - Double agent/Elizabethan playwright destroys himself while writing some really good plays.

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